The recepie to stay relevant over decades is to simply listen to customer needs and adapt to changing markets.
— Johan Manganas. CEO

Ever since 1958 Hellenic Group has been a frontrunner in serving european companies with the perfect sourcing solutions in Asia. Founded in Sweden Hellenic Group has an eye for the european aesthetic and a natural nerve for fashion, an advantage making us understand not only our clients but also their customers. This is what makes us unique and what has made Hellenic Group not only survived but grown stronger over decades, despite competition and digitalisation. Because we believe nothing can beat experience, knowledge and engagement. 

Hellenic Groups first order in Hong Kong, China. (South China Morning Post. May 23, 1964)

Hellenic Groups first order in Hong Kong, China. (South China Morning Post. May 23, 1964)



Hellenic Trading was established in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1958. The company was named ‘Hellenic’ as a tribute to his homeland of Greece.

Hellenic entering the Bangladeshian market.

Established in Qingdao, China and Hong Kong.

Established in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Implemented the certification of ISO 9001 in the Dhaka office, Bangladesh.

Established in Mumbai and Delhi, India.

Hellenic Group in numbers

  • 90 employees worldwide
  • 50,000,000 group turnover (in USD)
  • 5 offices in different countries

Ilias Manganas, founder of Hellenic Group and considered one of the leading figures in starting the apparel trade between Europe and Asia, started of as an importer. From there Hellenic Group has thanks to a flexible and customer centric approach adapted to changing markets and developed an expertise that constantly exceed customers expectations. Our determination to make sourcing simple has taught us to be brave, seeking new opportunities. We test new, emerging production countries, innovative techniques and take lead on sustainable and environmental questions. So, even though many things has changed since 1958 our curiosity and promise to deliver a best in class production experience has remained. With established companies and sales offices in Sweden, Bangladesh, China and India Hellenic Group offer local presence, a key when operating across cultures. We are there when you can’t, keeping close contact with partner factories as well as clients, making sure that processes and production chains are shorter than ever.  

Johan Manganas, CEO

Johan Manganas, CEO

Ever since the start we have emphasised the importance for clients to feel freedom in their production without having to compromise on price. As such, our model is to simply combine the beneficial price structure of a direct supplier with the sourcing skills and creative competence of an importer, offering a seamless production covering the complete chain. All orders are always agreed on in advance, no extra charges. As simple as that.