Hellenic Group offer seamless production services in Asia. Our unique profile lies in the combination of a stylish European perspective and a strong Asian presence. As a single point of contact we cover the complete production chain to ensure impeccable quality and a smooth and pleasant production experience.
Looking for design and development support? Want to switch current operations to a more cost effective country like Bangladesh? Or scouting for a partner who can complement your own production on special projects? Some of our clients want us to be involved from the very first sketch, where we provide creative input and relevant market research, while others choose only a specific service from our holistic offering. We are Hellenic Group and we make sourcing simple.

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Each season we scout the market for the latest styles and qualities. Our research and development team have long experience from fashion trend forecasting and customer analysis. To make sure you get the most modern products they continuously educate our partner factories in new innovation and production techniques.

We offer various kinds of creative services, from complimentary consultation to complete creation processes. Tell us about your idea, visit our showrooms for inspiration or request a run through of the latest yarns, washes or knittings adding a new dimension to your design.

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The sourcing industry is constantly changing. It is complex and require frequent and passionate work to keep up to date with what countries is most beneficial for certain products. It also demands devotion when it comes to codes of conducts, making sure that regulations and standards are followed. With our local presence, expertise and good relations Hellenic Group guarantee a qualitative production throughout the whole chain, competitive pricing and a great care for labour and environmental questions. Thanks to long and close collaborations with our partner factories Hellenic Group has the capacity to perform both on a larger scale as well as specific projects. Discover our wide range of products and don’t hesitate to get in touch on any ideas you might have, we love a good chat, cost effective solutions and creative challenges.

Products Bangladesh China India
Outdoor Jackets (incl. Skiwear, Rainwear, Down, Wool)
Woven Bottoms and Denim (Chinos. CargoPants, 5-Pockets Pants, Skirts)
Circular Knits (T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Function Wear)
Sweaters (all types of knits)
Shirt (Men's and ladies')
Gloves (Leather, knitted, ski-gloves)



Once an production order is taking form, before we push play, we always offer a complete cost calculation. This will be based on the current market situation and price versus volumes, as well as consider your delivery requirements, quality demands and other compliances. We take it all in account, presenting you the optimized choice. Hellenic Group simply do the scanning, negotiation and high level segmentation for your, advising you to make the best decision.
For on going productions we know the importance of staying informed. As such we have implemented a special software for TNA (time and action plan) where we stay up to date in real time, providing status, ensuring a smooth execution and timely delivery, minimising the risk for costly miscalculations. Let’s get things started?

Lead times
Average sales sample lead time: 30 to 40 days
Average production lead time: 90 to 120 days
Repeat orders: 40 to 60 days

Quality Checks

We never settle for anything less than satisfaction. And we also know that the most cost-efficient way to a perfect production is to get it right from the very start. To do so we have several steps in our quality assurance process, all included in our services. At Hellenic Group quality of course cover impeccable fabrics, colours, fits and cuts but it also means more than that. To us is as much about the product as the people producing it and we highly emphasis our CSR and highly developed and forward thinking policies on decreased use of chemicals and less impact on environment. We carry out several quality checks throughout the process and we rather send you and extra sample than getting a delivery of disappointment. We work with proven processes to ensure a quality as expected: 


Local QC

Frequent quality check at customers requested AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) is key to a cost effective production. Hellenic Group offer constant monitoring of orders including production updates, We adjust and always offer alternatives if needed, our goal is to get you the perfect product.  


At Hellenic Group you get what you see. And we want you to see what you get. As such we of course offer as many samples as needed, both prior and under the production order process. Review, revise and get it right.    

ISO Certificates

ISO 9001
In 2013 Hellenic Group implemented the certification of ISO 9001 in the Dhaka office, Bangladesh. Following this international quality management system we get an effective monitoring and control of each production order on all aspects. All materials and accessories are tested prior to production.

ISO 14001
This is our main tool for environmental management. By implementing this we make sure not only our products but also processes minimize how our operations negatively affect the environment. It also ensure we comply with country specific applicable laws, regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements.

Its great to work with such diversity in expertise, not least important in such an innovative environment as Bangladesh.
— Poonam Alam. Director of Sales & Marketing


Everyone in sourcing knows that logistics can be a limbo. Everyone can organise a delivery but getting them in time, to the best price and at the right terms requires special skills. Let Hellenic Groups competent team do the puzzle. As your partner we can take care of administration, delivery condition agreements and custom clearance and as an international player we have vast experience from various order volumes, country specific terms and other aspects affecting cost and efficiency. We carefully see to each order, case by case, supporting you wherever you need. Let us take care of the complete process or give us a call for guidance. Professionalism, personal service and perfection is always our promise.


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